GensoKishi Online Takes Another Step Toward Metaverse

GensoKishi will have three tiers of land sale for stakers, early whitelisted candidates and new buyers, on January 14.
  • GensoKishi Online is adding a metaverse aspect, allowing for third-party dungeons and venues.
  • The game achieved 10K mobile downloads on Google Play, aiming for additional adoption.
  • GensoKishi Online is one of the more successful Web3 games, despite the lost appeal of its in-game MV token.

GensoKishi Online, a fully launched 3D cinematic game, is moving toward its own metaverse, with land plot ownership. The project set up a date for its metaverse land plot sale, happening early in 2023. The sale sets the beginning for GensoKishi Online Metaworld, further evolving the old Elemental Knights game into a Web3 project. The metaverse will add to the game’s adoption, adding to the current 10K downloads on Google Play.

The land sale will open this January 14, with three tiers of access based on staking engagement and early whitelisting. The land will be sold for USDT or in-game MV tokens, and priority will be given to MV stakers. 

To participate, all players will need a Polygon wallet, and access to the GensoKishi Online NFT marketplace. Land plots will come in three sizes, with basic 1X1 plots to build a home base. Larger plots can be used to construct dungeons and small-scale obstacles to create metaverse events. This will be added to the existing game mechanics of obstacles, enemies and a hack’n’slash action, with varied playable heroes. 

GensoKishi Adds Goal of Developing the Land for Passive Income

The game’s goal is to develop the land, turn it into a visiting spot and extract passive income. The ability to alter and build up land is added to the game’s functions of generating skins, NPCs and monsters, which can also be sold as NFT. Highly popular items, including land, may hold higher resale value in the future.

As with other games, GensoKishi is shifting from earnings to ownership, as its MV value and trading potential were affected by the bear market. GensoKishi online joins the long list of Web3 games aimed at the Southeast Asian market, along with Tap Fantasy, Dear, Ella and other Wemix and WAX games. 

GensoKishi remains mostly targeted to the Japanese market and communities. The game is more focused on giveaways and onboarding at this stage, with earnings coming as a secondary bonus. The MV token relies mostly on the Bybit exchange and has gone through the usual boom and bust cycles.

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