Gnome Mines Upgraded with VIP Package

Gnome Mines has a busy roadmap for Q3, adding battle mode toward the end of 2022.
  • GNOMES inches up against BNB on limited PancakeSwap trading.
  • Battle mode predicted for the end of 2022.
  • The game launches VIP package for an easier, more detailed game experience.

Gnome Mines, one of the recently popular P2E games with NFT cards, is offering a VIP option. The potential for an extra NFT package and perks saw teasers in the past week. VIP features are now fully online, as the game announced. 

The game has been gaining popularity in the past month, with GMINES token trading from the end of JUNE. The current swap rate is aroun 1,911 GMINE per one BNB coin, after the asset was listed on PancakeSwap. 

Gnome Mines also lined up among watchlists for games on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Gnome Mines stands out amont newly launched games that skipped the boom and bust period of 2021 and are having a fresh start with the potential to earn from a cards game. 

GNOMES Token Moves Up with Price Discovery

Gnome Mines does not have its full features, but in Q3 the new Protect the Village game mode is expected to launch. GNOMES also may gain new listings on centralized exchanges. Currently, GNOMES has limited liquidity and some pricing information, showing a market price of $0.13.

Caution must be taken with GNOMES to avoid faked tokens or loss with the low liquidity available. Currently, the game is still gathering support from liquidity providers, willing to lock up BNB to boost GNOMES price discovery. GNOMES is one of the few P2E tokens to achieve a rally during the past month, though this may be due to a concerted inflow of liquidity to PancakeSwap.

Since 42% of all GNOMES are set aside for the P2E model, currently the game’s tokenomics is just starting out. The NFT card marketplace is also just starting out. PVP and battle mode are expected toward the end of 2022.

The game is ready with its Fusion mechanic, used to upgrade gnomes. The Fusion element allows players to pick already owned Gnome NFT and risk generating a new item with various levels of rarity. Currently, the game resembles the idle games for Crabada or even Axie Infinity, while waiting for the battle launch.

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