Gnome Mines Grants Free NFT to All Players

Gnome Mines offers special NFT mint on BSC Chain for current active players.
  • Gnome Mines arrived this April with idle mining mode.
  • Battle game coming at the end of 2022.
  • GMINES token trades for a couple of weeks, available on PancakeSwap.

Gnome Mines, a relatively new NFT game, is preparing for a giveaway this July 11. All the game’s players have less than a day to register for an NFT airdrop event. 

Gnome Mines appeared on the P2E stage this April, offering innovation with NFT items and GameFi elements. The game is based on Binance Smart Chain, and currently logs around 29 users per day based on smart contract activity. As with other games, it is possible more players are active but not immediately interacting with the blockchain.

Gnome Mines Starts with Idle Mining

Gnome Mines resembles the model of Crabada, where the initial gameplay is idle mining for resources. The game also has a Tavern, a structure for Gnomes to regain energy. 

In the future, Gnome Mines also plans to introduce a battle game. The resource mining earns Gnome Mine (GMINES) token, independently traded on PancakeSwap. GMINES started trading at the end of June, peaking at $1.19 and currently at around $0.16. The token remains relatively illiquid, still relying on decentralized trading.

GMINES also has a token-burning mechanism to stop the expansion of the asset. For now, the tokenomics of Gnome Mines is in the very early stages and it is difficult to predict the value.

Additionally, GMINES depends on liquidity provided by voluntary users, who are willing to risk on PancakeSwap. In the future, GMINES may also have low liquidity before being added to more exchanges. Over time, the team plans to burn as much as 50% of the GMINES supply.

The game is still limited to less than 8K token holding addresses. With the new NFT mint coming July 11, current and new coming players may expand the game’s reach. The game has a busy roadmap for 2022, with skins and a marketplace coming in Q3. Battle Mode is coming to Gnome Mines toward the end of the year. The current NFT collection is still untraded, but may bring value down the line and is free barring mint costs.

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