Gods Unchained and Immutable X: Ready for Something New and Exciting

Gods Unchained relies on special events to gather players, with highly active weekend tournaments.
  • Gods Unchained is planning a new look with Immutable X.
  • Card pack drops coming for weekend winners.
  • GODS remains a highly visible P2E token despite a price drop to $0.43.

Gods Unchained is preparing for a summer of special events in its card-trading game. The NFT-based game hinges around playing deck strategies, with new card packs coming for exclusive events.

Gods Unchained is also teasing its players with an unknown event after a snapshot, arriving without notice. 


The expectation of players was for either a special card collection, or for more GODS tokens. The game team also suggested something called “PAX” is coming. It turns out the change is based on demands from the community to have special card pack drops for weekend leaders.


Recently, the game also started a fusion process to power up cards by using GODS tokens. 

Gods Unchained Design Change Coming

Gods Unchained announced plans for a new look in partnership with Immutable X. The card NFT have been issued by the Layer 2 solution of Immutable X since early 2022, decreasing gas costs. This allowed Gods Unchained to have more pack drops and keep players engaged. 

The Gods Unchained NFT market is also booming despite the overall bear market. 

Now, the game also expects to add new designs and add value to their card collections, both in terms of resale value and game utility. Recently, the game even marked a record NFT card sale at above 43 ETH.

Gods Unchained collectibles still have a 0.012 ETH floor price for more than 37K items. The game is also consistently among top performers and social media stars. The game shows relatively little on-chain activity during the week based on smart contract data, but has robust weekend tournament growth. The game keeps players engaged by setting up a competitive environment each weekend and adding appealing NFT and GODS rewards.

GODS currently trades at $0.43, slowing down from peaks above $7.62. GODS is one of the few P2E tokens active on Coinbase, opening the game to US-based investors and players. GODS now has additional utility for upgrading cards in various fusion configurations.

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