Gods Unchained: GODS Token Goes for Fast Recovery

Gods Unchained will be represented on Rainmaker’s Platform among dozens of P2E games.
  • GODS attempts to regain positions after bouncing from one of the worst market days this quarter.
  • Gods Unchained prepares for new weekend tournament with recently closed special card pack sale.
  • GODS is one of the few P2E tokens present on Coinbase.

Gods Unchained is starting to look like one of the more sustainable games for 2022. The platform continues to attract players with regular tournaments and exclusive card issues. GODS, the native token, has been unlocked for more of the early investors. And while its market price is sliding, there is still hope the game may appreciate. 

Gods Unchained has a free-to-play mode that conceals the player count. But the game remains one of the top games with P2E elements. Gods Unchained is now opening special weekend play-offs with a ranking board. 


GODS Token Aims for Recovery

The game is also considered a form of play-and-earn hub, where some of the cards are free and players can choose the no-crypto version. Still, GODS, the tradable token, is highly active. GODS recovered by 30% after a turbulent market day, rising to $0.36.

GODS is also one of the few gaming tokens to be represented on Coinbase. The Gods Unchained game is mostly targeted to US-based players, though it can be played internationally.

Gods Unchained is one of the partners of Immutable X, a second-layer solution on Ethereum for gas-free records of NFT items. The technology can carry the multiple cards of Gods Unchained, with special events and packs. Unlike other games, the NFT goes beyond a no-utility collection.

Each playable card is also an NFT, though players can also choose to start with a free deck. The value of cards is also determined by the game strategy, as well as the overall market conditions.

Gods Unchained also has a highly active OpenSea collection, including cosmetic items and special cards. The items keep a floor price above 0.01 ETH, with 417 ETH in trades over time. Recently, Gods Unchained also partnered with Rainmaker Games, a platform with hundreds of P2E games.

The setback for Gods Unchained is that in 2022, the two crowd sales will unlock tokens gradually for buyers. Additionally, players will unlock GODS from the reward reserve, potentially weighing on the price.

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