Guild of Guardians: Another Example of Sustainable Web3

Guild of Guardians wants to combine a crypto-powered economy with RPG progress.
  • Guild of Guardians is still in pre-launch development, but aims for a complex game experience.
  • Pre-registration still open, Hero NFT go as low as $5 for early buyers.
  • GOG token retains some value at $0.20.

Guild of Guardians is a game constantly expanding its player base, in a bid for sustainable Web3 integration. The game still relies on Ethereum for some of its operations, but its main focus is on acquiring traditional gamers. 

The game is still in pre-launch development, so far only showcasing the artwork and the game’s potential. But the project still manages to attract attention and potential users.

The game is still in its early stages and may offer a tool to join a still growing community with NFT and tokenization opportunities.

The game is still open for pre-registration as its main tool to acquire users when it launches. Joining the pre-registration is not tied to buying NFT items. 

Guild of Guardians is featured on the ImmutableX marketplace, and is one of the prominent games to be included in the gas-free launchpad. This allows the game to offer Ethereum-based NFT with lower related costs. Other prominent collections on this market include Ember Sword and Illuvium metaverse land plots.

Currently, Guild of Guardians Heroes can be acquired for around $5, though still under the condition of waiting for the game’s launch. At the moment, Guild of Guardians is in an advanced stage of building up its world and playing mechanics, becoming one of the more ambitions upcoming P2E games.

Guild of Guardians Still Building Economic Balance 

The biggest challenge of Guild of Guardians is its goal of offering a mass adoption game and onboarding all players into an NFT and token-based economy. Just as the game develops, Guild of Guardians is working on its economy to offer a balanced potential for ownership and earnings.

Guild of Guardians aims to offer the classical RPG progression, but to also combine it with an open economy where players can monetize their earnings. Currently, the game team is working on the balance to ensure the game is not depleted quickly. 

Even pre-launch, Guild of Guardians also released its token, which has traded since late 2021. GOG peaked above $1.90, but is currently only trading at $0.20, with short-term volatility.

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