Gunstar Metaverse Now Ready with PvP Update

Gunstar Metaverse is still trying to boost BNB Chain engagement, but has more than 5K mobile downloads.
  • Gunstar Metaverse is a ready running mobile game with P2E component.
  • New Event Organizer available for monthly GSC token fees.
  • The game is now playable in PvP singles or teams.

Gunstar Metaverse reached its scheduled update date, with changes coming from October 18. Players no longer need to wait for PvP, as the game has added a selection lobby. 

All Level 10 players or higher can now start on a journey of PvP battles.

The player selection feature will allow 1V1, 2V2 and 3V3 play, with the possibility to form teams and challenge oponents. To facilitate teamplay, Gunstar Metaverse has also added a chat feature with game-specific emojis.

The teams or players will also receive City 6, a new zone to explore and pick fights on the metaverse side of the game. The zone will also feature one new game boss and two mini-bosses. The game’s competitive side is offset by an idle-type endless game, which is also meant to be enjoyable and engaging.

Gunstar Metaverse uses BNB Chain and all Binance compatible wallets like MetaMask or Trust Wallet. The game is still only logging few on-chain interactions due to its free version. The game’s Android version has more than 5K downloads with a 4.9 star review on average. 

Gunstar Metaverse Tweaks Wallet Requirement

Players can start out Gunstar Metaverse without connecting their wallet. This is not a full free-to-play feature, but offers some convenience. A wallet login prompt will appear only when the game needs to make a transaction for an NFT or tokens. 

Additionally, Gunstar Metaverse will add a new revenue source, by selling subscriptions for its Event Manager feature. The Event Manager will help players coordinate better for matches. Another quality of life addition will be the Notice Board, available on all versions of the game, for news and updates. 

The Event Manager feature has a monthly fee in GSC tokens, but gives back perks such as a starter pack of items, return of some GSC tokens, login bonuses and rare pieces. GSC is also known as Gunstar Metaverse Currency and currently trades at $0.0019. The token is an addition to GSTS, the limited supply token, which is at a price of $0.019.

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