Gunstar Metaverse: Game to Watch on Binance Smart Chain

Gunstar Metaverse is free to play, with the chance to win GSTS tokens.
  • Gunstar Metaverse is in the process of announcing partnerships.
  • GSTS token available on Bybit, special deposit events open.

Gunstar Metaverse is an up-and-coming P2E game on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The game has additionally partnered with the Myria ecosystem, offering L2 access and compatibility with Ethereum. The game is trending due to newly announced partnerships and an active event for GSTS token owners organized by the Bybit exchange.

Gunstar Metaverse is a MMORPG artillery game based on turns-taking strategy. In addition to player skills, each avatar has a pet with varied effects on the game’s outcomes and potential strategies. The battles use the skills and attacks inherent to the pet, and can have PvP and PvE versions. The battle arena resembles the battle mode of Axie Infinity or Crabada, where users pick the best attack for the situation.

In addition to opponents, players also compete against weather and the elements, making the artillery simulation more complex.

Gunstar Metaverse Looks for GSTS Liquidity

Gunstar Metaverse is also in the phase of looking for more exchanges to list its tokens, while also attempting to improve its player count. Recently, the native GSTS token was listed on Bybit and offers staking for high returns.

Depositing 5000 GSTS tokens will grant a bonus of 20 USDT on the Bybit exchange. A limited deposit and staking event running until August 4 will grant 999% annualized rate for a limited time only. 

GSTS, the game’s token, has traded since the end of 2021 and peaked at $1.20. The bear market and price discovery pressured the token down to $0.04. The game itself is open for registration and can be played immediately. Besides Bybit, GSTS uses PancakeSwap. 

The GSTS token is widely distributed, held in 37,597 addresses based on BSCScan data. The game’s IDO had a relatively wide outreach, as it happened during peak P2E and bull market times in November 2021.

Gunstar Metaverse held a series of relatively small sales on Red Kite and GameFi, in addition to seed and private rounds. GSTS had a limited return of 1.28 times the IDO sale price, though higher during peak trading times for the token. 

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