Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms Now a Global P2E with Governance

Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms is free to start with an option to swap game earnings into tradable tokens.
  • Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms offers fully launched game with immediate earnings.
  • In-game economy swaps Stone for MUDOL2 tokens.
  • MUDOL2 tokens grant right to voting in the game’s DAO.

Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms is one of the game-first Web3 projects that is rising to the top after adding a new global server. To celebrate the launch, Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms is holding a long-running giveaway event, active until November 6. 


The game is trying to boost engagement with its free-mode RPG, while also offering a full crypto capacity through BNB Chain. Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms now logs about 100 interactions with its smart contracts each day, based on NFT and token usage. 

At the current stage, Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms holds multiple small events with potential earnings. Currently, the game does not require a playable NFT and earnings can start right away.

Voting Opens on Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms

The game is also expanding its blockchain-based voting, with a new vote active now on game improvement features. Voting on game additions and improvements is one of the main incentives to hold onto the in-game tokens instead of selling them. 


In addition to voting rights, holding the game’s tokens, MUDOL2, allows for passive income. 

The MUDOL2 asset has traded since July with limited volumes. MUDOL2 is currently in the $0.04 range, down from an earlier peak at $0.40. The token is one of the few with access to the Huobi Global exchange, as well as a MEXC listing, though trading remains at low volumes. 

The game can be considered a play-and-own, as the other option is to own a part of the game economy without cashing out. The game has an internal economy that takes into account the Stone assets produced. The level of Stone determines the daily exchange rate for MUDOL2, the tradable token. 

Thus, players are discouraged from strip-mining the game. If they produce too much Stone, its price will drop and will not lead to an oversupply of tokens. Currently, owners of legacy MUDOL tokens from the Korean launch can swap them for MUDOL2, the currently live asset.

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