Honeyland NFT Mint Sold Out, New App Out to View, Trade Bee Characters

The Honeyland NFT sale was one of the fastest events on Solana, unaffected by the bear market.
  • Honeyland is an upcoming game with an NFT-first approach.
  • High demand meant the new mint of 6K items was sold out in minutes.
  • Honeyland will mix a quest game with metaverse features.

Honeyland held a crowded NFT sale, distributing its first limited-item sale. All 6K items managed to sell during the private placement, with a 1.50 SOL mint fee. The sale was extremely successful, given the lower general hype for NFT. The NFT sale success is a sign that Solana mints are still a possibility, and the gaming and ownership world has not lost confidence in this blockchain.

However, Honeyland promises to build an engaging simulated farming and looting game soon, with the potential for growth. Honeyland will offer a high-grade metaverse with multiple resources and biomes. 

Early adopters can also explore their NFT and check for rarity and value. 


Rarity for items such as bee eggs and honey vials are not only important for resale. Each special Bee and other items can bring advantage to the Hive, with better hunting and foraging missions. Honeyland is viewed favorably, as a viable pre-launch project that will be here for the long term. 

The Honeyland NFT collection is unique for another reason – buyers can choose to add fees which will go toward royalties for the creators. Paying royalties will grant additional advantages as the game progresses. Players receive Bee Eggs after the sale, which will have to go through a hatching process in a special portal. 

The Honeyland Genesis collection, which will be unique with 11K Bees, is also available on the Magic Eden marketplace.  

Honeyland Builds a Play-to-Own with Metaverse Features

The Honeyland game focuses on ownership, while also trying for a soft unroll of its HXD token. The game has also opened a physical swag marketplace, in addition to game passes. In the future, the team will also build the Honeyverse for free exploration and socializing.

Land ownership will also have big importance within the game. Players can choose to harvest their own land, or commission it to other bee owners, in exchange for passive income. Players can always choose to resell their items, or use them for advantages in earning more honey.

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