HoneyLand Prepares for Bee-Hatching NFT Event

HoneyLand is based on Solana, and now unveiled the artwork and stats of its first batch of hatched Bee Eggs.
  • HoneyLand mixes missions in HONEY extraction, looting and new NFT Bee breeding.
  • Players can access physical merch or buy in-game assets.
  • The game plans to launch and sell its HXD token by the end of 2022 based on roadmap estimates.

HoneyLand is now getting ready for a hatching event, which will expose the NFT previously minted as bee eggs. The hatching happens at the game’s alpha stage of additional tests before a wider launch. 


The event will reveal the game’s Genesis collection, which may have utility within the game. Each Bee has unique features and will complement digital land ownership in the future gameplay. 


As with similar games, HoneyLand will bring together ownership of playable avatars and digital land with effects on earnings. The project’s goal is to build a rewarding infinite world with play-and-own features and a single token, HXD. 

HXD will be a deflationary token, diminishing its supply over time to preserve value. The asset will also work as part of the Infiniverse, where new mini-games will be released every few months. The token is not yet issued, but will start appearing on IDO platforms by the end of 2022, based on the game project’s roadmap.

HoneyLand has not yet set a date for its beta release, and remains on the watchlist for upcoming tests. At this stage, the game has a demo feature, with staking, DEX and other activities accessible from within the game. The NFT marketplace and exchange will also be available from within the game’s mobile version.

HoneyLand will use the Solana network, which offers lower fees and lower latency. 

HoneyLand Offers Complex Resource Gameplay

HoneyLand centers around the production of HONEY, an in-game asset that keeps the score. The amount of HONEY will depend on the features of the digital land. Players must build a colony, then breed more Bees which can be sent on missions. 

Both land plots and playable Bee NFT can be rented to other players, to receive passive income. 

The missions include HONEY gathering, but also looting and battling other players. HXD tokens may be required for some of the game’s features, and may be used to buy additional Bee NFT, items or even to redeem real-world swag and physical collectibles.

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