Klee Run: New Rewards Coming Soon from Crypto Partnerships

Klee Run will partner with Shiba Inu for SHIB and BONE token rewards.
  • Klee Run may create a launchpad for additional token-driven games.
  • KLEE tokens rely on long-term holders, offering tickets for higher daily gains.
  • Klee Run is a live endless runner game with free access and a GameFi option.

Klee Run is one of the top GameFi offers, with a highly active KLEE token. The game recently trended as it hinted at a new source of income. 


Klee Run is a game that relies on its KLEE token and its GameFi capabilities. This may increase the game’s risk and expose it to other risky projects. The game is also aiming to build a launchpad for other gaming projects. 


Klee Run is also joining the ecosystem of Shiba Inu (SHIB), and will integrate the SHIB and BONE tokens. 

Are Doge-Themed Games Risky

Shiba Inu is one of the biggest hubs for GameFi and NFT. However, this source of P2E gaming is extremely risky and volatile. 

However, holding SHIB tokens or staking them is opening up users to volatility. Requirements to invest in tokens before starting a game may lead to losses. 

Joining the Klee Run game is possible as a free-to-play endless runner game. But the P2E component is tied to the usage of KLEE tokens and the purchase of various tiers of game passes or for staking. 

Gold passes offer earnings up to $10 per day, based on GameFi and ongoing game deposits. The Klee Run ecosystem hinges on expanding a loyal base of holders that are not willing to sell. Currently, the Klee ecosystem is still far behind Shiba Inu’s holder base, accrued due to a much earlier start. 


But Klee Run shares many features with tokens inspired by Doge Coin, and has a bigger DeFi element in addition to the game. 

The KLEE token trades at a rock-bottom price, under 1 Satoshi. The token is highly accessible but relies on an agreement of all holders not to sell and achieve 100X or more growth, precisely because they start from a very low base. 

KLEE trades on UniSwap, LBank and CoinTiger, and the low volumes mean not all holders are able to sell and realize their 10X or higher gains on paper.

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