Legends of Ludo Tops Polygon Growth Chart

Legends of Ludo aims to bring an adventure game with a turns-based strategic battle.
  • Legends of Ludo is a turns-based strategy with NFT heroes and land.
  • Watch out for more $BOLT and NFT giveaways and mints.
  • Land sale now open to build up Lord status and own a part of the game’s metaverse.

Legends of Ludo climbed to become the fastest-growing games on the Polygon network. Legends of Ludo is a play-and-earn strategy game with a metaverse element. The game’s exposure is mostly due to social media signal, possibly bringing this new game new attention. 


The game combines the Ludo board game with card-trading battles and Heroes of varied skill and impact. Currently, the game is free to download and most of its growth may come from free interactions. The NFT and token side are less active as most players do not interact with Polygon for in-game actions.

Legends of Ludo has also opened a land sale for four main regions, reflecting all the factions in the game – Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Wizards. 

Legends of Ludo is also holding regular bounty hunds and giveaways. Despite the low on-chain activity, the game’s events have gathered 319,025 participants in its latest giveaway. This indicates a significant outreach for the chance to win a set of valuable NFT in a special package.

BOLT Token to be Used for In-Game Upgrades

On the other hand, the BOLT token, which the game uses for payouts, is only registered on 505 addresses. The game also has limited smart contracts with low activity. 

BOLT started trading in May 2022, reaching a peak above $0.03. Currently, the token is down by around 90%, to $0.003 and relies on its KuCoin trading pairs with relatively low volumes. The BOLT token will be used in giveaways, and will be burned for in-game activities.

Legends of Ludo is not a game to bring an immediate payout, but a P2E hub to watch for growth. The game uses the play-to-own model, where players can earn NFT. Until now, Legends of Ludo marks more than 5K downloads for its Android version. 

Buying a warrior NFT is not required but will grant additional earnings and resource access within the game.

Polygon remains one of the top networks for P2E game launches. The network offers access through MetaMask, as well as low fees in MATIC tokens.

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