Gunfire Polygon Opens September Tournament with Referral Program

GUNX token expects listings and price discovery by the end of 2022.
  • Gunfire turns into multi-chain game on Polygon and AVAX.
  • New tournament with up to $10K prizes opens on Monday.
  • Referral program is now active for social media tasks.

Gunfire Polygon is holding an endless referral challenge this September. Players can fulfill social media tasks and link their wallets in exchange for 50 GUNX tokens. On Gleam, the game has now opened the challenge, which also carries a 2.6K USDT reward.

The news of the tournament is now spreading organically through social media, with the chance of an early start to owning GUNX tokens. Gunfire Polygon will extend the success of Gunfire AVAX, one of the most ambitious Avalanche-based games.

GUNX is still an untraded asset, though listings are expected in the final quarter of 2022. An additional source of Gunfire Polygon assets is a new giveaway for Token Pocket users. 

Gunfire Polygon Launches New Tournament

In the coming week, Gunfire Polygon will hold a multiplayer tournament, with a free invitation to all Polygon users. The game is trying to line up higher in the Polygon ecosystem, where the competition for top games also includes new launches.

Gunfire Polygon is fully live and aims to line up among the top busiest games on the L2 network. For now, only Gunfire AVAX is tracked in more detail, but Gunfire Polygon is expected to bring additional players. Both versions are listed to play through Oxalus Games. The Gunfire game is now ranked 52 on the Avalanche C-Chain. The game may hope to also enter the top 50 of Polygon if it accrues players.

The game signup and launch can be accessed for free. The entire Endless Tournament taking place between September 19 and September 24 will carry total prizes of $10K equivalent. The more players sign up, the more prizes will be set aside by the Gunfire game team.

On the tournament’s launch day, there were above 1,000 players already signed up, boosting the usually low player count. As of September 19, another day was left to sign up at the last moment. Starting the game does not require initial crypto or NFT purchase and players can accrue prizes and assets through leveling up.

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