Magic Beasties Turns into Hot NFT Game for 2022

Magic Beasties is an avatar-based game with idle exploration and limited PvP duel mode.
  • Magic Beasties still has idle dungeon exploration as its main gameplay.
  • PvP updates may arrive in 2023.
  • Magic Beasties plans to become a multi-chain game with an integrated fast wallet.

Magic Beasties was one of the more successful games based on an NFT collection. Toward the end of 2022, Magic Beasties is trending in terms of visits, becoming one of the top games on Binance Smart Chain. The Magic Beasties collection is spread among nearly 4,000 owners, with new rare Beasties on offer to buy. 

Magic Beasties is also transparent about its development process, even with small weekly additions.

Currently, Magic Beasties is working on its off-chain marketplace to revive trading. More airdrops and giveaways are also expected in the coming days. Magic Beasties is also performing regular lucky draws for PfP NFT images. The game also relies on additional talismans and small items, which also resell on NFT markets.

Magic Beasties Game Includes PvP, Dungeon Gameplay

Magic Beasties reveals its NFT utility in the Dungeons gameplay, where teams of three characters roam and collect resources. The Dungeons offer Candies, other NFT items and new Beasties to discover. The mechanic is similar to Crabada or Axie Infinity, where idle resource gameplay was the first tool for using the NFT. 

Magic Beasties has limited text-based PvP, still with no developed duel animations. At the end of 2022, Magic Beasties had planned an update to its PvP, but that may be delayed into 2023. Despite the game’s launch, Magic Beasties is yet to implement the promised PvP tournament. 

In 2023, Magic Beasties had planned to become a multi-chain game, moving beyond Binance Smart Chain, with a new integrated wallet. 

Magic Beasties aims to launch an in-game wallet and off-chain activities. The game initially caused problems due to unpredictable fees, which can run up even on BSC transactions. While common fees were around $0.10, some could be greater and speed could prevent players from participation.

Currently, players still need BSTS for some of the game actions. Cookies, another in-game asset, is preferably earned. BSTS remains a relatively illiquid token, relying on decentralized trading. BSTS only trades at $0.00000027, with almost incessant price slides since its launch.

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