Magic Beasties Lines Up Among Top BNB Chain Collections

Magic Beasties brings a mix of gameplay and NFT collection, with a high-supply reward token (BSTS).
  • Magic Beasties offers a free in-browser game with adventure missions.
  • The NFT collection and BSTS token show relatively high adoption by BSC users.
  • Magic Beasties still has limited P2E potential, though carrying high-rarity, high-priced NFT.

Magic Beasties is an NFT collection with an upcoming game, with one of the most transparent development teams. The project is worth watching for its high NFT turnover. Magic Beasties currently offers adventures as a free-to-play browser game, with potential NFT perks.

Magic Beasties is now ranked near top collections, based on active wallets on the Binance Smart Chain and the collection size.

The project is only partially listed on OpenSea, and currently relies on its native marketplace. Magic Beasties took the path of high-quality, high-priced NFT and avatars, which can be used in the future game. Some of the items are on offer for more than 15 BNB, and there are less than 900 Beasties in total. 

Magic Beasties also has an avatar collection, where ownership can be used as in-game swag, while also multiplying in-game earnings. 

Rarity is the main driver of value, and for now, Beasties are the only type of NFT. In the game, Scrolls, Talismans and Potions will also be wrapped as NFT with the opportunity to be resold.

Will Magic Beasties Reach Players

Magic Beasties is one of the P2E games which tapped the crypto community before the gaming community. Besides the NFT items, the game issues BSTS token, which is now held in 50,997 addresses.

BSTS tokens are also in the very early stages of price discovery, with highly illiquid trading. BSTS has a 1 trillion token supply, and will always have a relatively low price. 

During the game’s run, BSTS may be attractive for its potential to outperform on brief periods. If BSTS gains more liquidity, game earnings could appreciate. Currently, BSTS trades near its all-time lows, at $0.0000005. 

However, Magic Beasties still has no DeFi infrastructure comparable to Shiba Inu or other Doge-themed game hubs. This means BSTS cannot be boosted by 1,000X in days as in the case of SHIB. Still, BSTS may gain importance as the game reaches its milestones.

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