MegaCryptoPolis Tests Metaverse with 1,000 Player Meetup

MegaCryptoPolis is a well-established city simulation with a large world built since 2018.
  • MegaCryptoPolis MEGA tokens to undergo 1:10 swap, exchange now open.
  • Megaverse will be the 3D open-world metaverse coming on top of the city game.
  • MegaCryptoPolis is available on Ethereum and TRON.

MegaCryptoPolis is the latest trending metaverse game on the blockchain. The game is now in the process of swapping its tokens, while testing the capacity of its metaverse. MegaCryptoPolis is one of the blockchain games that has been around since 2018, accruing a significant metaverse with the work of more than 25K builders. 

Like The Sandbox or Decentraland, one of the most attractive features of MegaCryptoPolis lie in the potential for building mass events. The game got tested with a 1,000-player event in the form of a free-style metaverse meetup.

MegaCryptoPolis is a 3D city builder simulation, with the potential to generate every in-game item as an NFT. Players strategize to develop their districts, with virtual urban development, various buildings and land-based NFT.

All items in the virtual city can become an NFT – pets, appliances, citizens, cars. The game’s land plots appreciate every time a new plot is bought, and players receive ETH for holding their plots. 

MEGA Token: What the New Asset Brings

MegaCryptoPolis will swap out its MEGA token for a new asset with a 1:10 ratio. This will make MEGA a low per-unit price asset, more suitable for microtransactions. 

MEGA currently trades at $4.74, down from a peak of $44.56 in March 2021. The new asset will go under $1 and increase the token supply. MEGA is currently only trading on MoonSwap and has extremely low liquidity. The on-chain activity of MegaCryptoPolis does not match the actual game usage.

MEGA is reportedly held in less than 1,000 addresses, with many of the game’s interactions happening off-chain. MEGA tokens and all other virtual assets are held on the Ethereum and TRON blockchains. 

New Metaverse Game Coming

Currently, players can pick to own land plots on Ethereum or TRON, by connecting a wallet and buying land. NFT minting within the game is optional. 

The game has built a demo of a larger metaverse world, which will be known as the Megaverse. The 3D simulation may be available on several networks.

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