Decentraland Building: New Partnerships and Designs Bring Life to Metaverse

Decentraland remains among top resellers of metaverse land plots on OpenSea.
  • Decentraland boosts security with $500K bug bounty program.
  • MANA rallies above $0.91 on renewed interest in gaming tokens.
  • New corporate partners and builders enrich venues and events in the metaverse.

Decentraland (MANA) remains among the top P2E tokens in terms of market capitalization. MANA trades at $0.91 after the recent market recovery, while Decentraland NFT are still in the top 3 of metaverse land plot sales. MANA jumped by around 15% in the past few days, showing interest in buying the token and possibly seeing it revisit previous highs near $5.

Decentraland draws in fashion NFT designers, builders, as well as brands seeking to create their metaverse space. 

Decentraland land plots are also among the top in terms of floor price, which is now at 2.05 ETH, slightly higher than basic plots on NFT Worlds or The Sandbox. Decentraland registers between a few dozen and a few hundred daily users, though the metaverse itself hosts much busier events.

Decentraland is also hosting an upcoming metaverse concert on July 30. 

Land plot owners that are dedicated to building a brand are trying to engage users with mini-games and challenges. Quizzes or quest missions use the 3D capabilities of Decentraland, in addition to open hangout spaces. For end users, wearables are part of the game, with a floor price of 0.01 ETH. Wearables are also built in a growing metaverse fashion industry, also padded with events.

Unlike other P2E startups, Decentraland does not offer regular income. Appreciation may come from MANA tokens or NFT resale, but the chief goal is to advertise ownership and metaverse activity.

Land owners can also rent out their plots through Double Protocol. Decentraland offered the earliest ownership of land plots, with utility and projects growing more significantly after the NFT boom in 2021.

Decentraland Opens Bug Bounty Program

Decentraland also plans to keep its smart contracts secure, by opening a new bug bounty program. ImmuneFi offers $500K for a fully doxxed bounty hunting challenge. 

The Decentraland metaverse has been relatively safe, with its last attack happening in February 2022. The attack vector was through OpenSea, taking away NFT items from multiple collections.

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