Minerio: Taking Over Polygon Despite Crypto Bear Market

Minerio aims to become an influential metaverse game with simulated mining operations and idle game mechanics.
  • The Minerio project is an ambitious 3D metaverse with simulated mining.
  • Despite the bear market, the game completed its RIOZ token sale.
  • Minerio is rising as a more prominent Polygon project.

Minerio is one of the newly arrived games on Polygon, which is also raising its social media presence and gaining adopters. In the past months, Minerio reached the milestone for its native token launch, completed despite the bear market. 


The game is also winning high scores, joining the list of top Polygon apps in November. Minerio is joining a market where top games are shifting, and new ones are rising to the top. Polygon remains one of the go-to blockchains.

Minerio offers an idle strategy game, with still fluctuating player count based on regular interaction with Polygon. The project’s big drive is to boost marketing and gain social media followers to popularize its product.

Minerio Offers Complex Simulated Mining

Minerio is a complex 3D world with the goal of setting up a mining operation. Players must secure land, an energy choice and mining machines, then produce the RIOZ token in exchange for the power level of their mining facility.

The game is idle once the operation is set up, but there are many combinations with varying success, simulating a real-world operation with limitations such as internet speed.

The game resembles Mining Network, though with a different style of complex graphics. There is also a complex economy, where miners not only produce RIOZ tokens, but roll some of them back for utilities and other necessities. Players also use four types of NFT – miners, factories stock, land, and Uranium miners. The miners NFT are also not permanent, but have a process of depreciation and need to be replaced, working more as a consumable than a permanent investment.

Land ownership is also a source of renting income, and players who did not receive land in the early allotments will have the possibility to rent plots. Uranium miners, which are special in-game robots, can be acquired for free when starting the game. 

Minerio remains one of the games to watch, with a long-term outlook and an attempt to work beyond the unfavorable crypto market.

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