Mining Network Offers Mega Giveaway for WAX Players

Mining Network allows for a free start, with optional NFT for higher earnings. The game also offers airdrops through its partnerships.
  • Mining Network offers started packs and items from 11 WAX games.
  • MNET tokens still trade on KuCoin.
  • Mining Network boosted its partnerships within the WAX ecosystem.

Mining Network, a simulated mining game with a flexible economy, is now opening up a large-scale giveaway for players on the WAX network. The giveaway will be open for a series of social media tasks. 

Mining Network used the simulated farming model, though applied to gamified crypto mining. The game offers NFT, which work as tools to generate hashes and reap tolen rewards. However, the tokens in the game are not a constant, to avoid oversupply and a crashing price. 

In the past few weeks, Mining Network also partnered with a series of games on the WAX network. Thus, Mining Network becomes one of the projects worth watching for short-term giveaways. The current giveaway mixes up packs, badges or other starter items for a total of 11 WAX games.

Games on WAX are generous with their NFT, often giving items for free. For WAX games, all items can be wrapped as NFT, though there is not as much speculative trading. WAX projects use Atomic Hub to swap digital items, though without the hype surrounding OpenSea NFT trading. 

WAX games are also available as free-to-play, including Mining Network. Currently, the game attracts 2.51K users per day, with more than 27K transactions due to the speed and small fees on WAX network. 

Mining Network MNET Still with Low Trading Volumes

Mining Network also supports a native token, MNET. The asset peaked at $0.45, then went on to slide to its current level of $0.0014. MNET is the final asset that can be monetized via trading, though with limited liquidity on a KuCoin listing.

MNET token production is also dependent on the number of players, restricting token generation based on in-game resource production. The goal of Mining Network players is to produce hashes via their simulated mining machines, or ASIC. However, if players produce too many hashes, they cannot exchange them all at the same rate for MNET tokens. 

The game also has active trading for its NFT, reaching $2,281 in 24 hours, with total trading to date of $1.2M in value.

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