Mini Royale: Nations Prepares for Updates in February

Mini Royale: Nations offers immediate access to a 3D world with the chance of accruing
  • Mini Royale: Nations and Faraway Land join forces to offer open alpha gameplay.
  • Mini Royale is a FPS with time and kill rewards, as well as a social element of guild-building.
  • The game is using the Solana chain, but can be played for free.

Mini Royale: Nations is a community-driven and highly competitive game. Now, the team is preparing to unroll its latest progress report and updates expected in February, in the upcoming AMA session.

Mini Royale: Nations is a FPS with skills-based advancement, offering PvE and PvP versions. But the game’s battles are more structured than a FPS brawler – there is emphasis on allegianecs, clans and social connections are rewarded. 

Mini Royale offers a 3D semi-realistic experience, where players compete for items, but also take over and control stretches of the digital map. This requires cooperation, as teams join forces to conquer and protect a piece of the land. Mini Royale is free to play, but there is a choice of minting skins. The NFT items are relatively accessible at a basic price of 0.08 SOL. 

Players also compete for in-game badges based on battles won, speed of playing and trick shots.

Mini Royale and Faraway Land Draw In Users in Alpha Stage

Mini Royale is part of a family of games, which also includes the civilization-building and crafting game, Faraway Land.

Both games are launched in public alpha, which means earnings may be temporary and rebalancing may happen until the stabilized version. Mini Royale: Nations and Faraway Land are both the product of Faraway Studio, built by gaming veterans that want to add a Web3 dimension to their ideas. 

Mini Royale offers a semi-realistic rendering, with a character design screen. Players start with a default character and can unlock clothes and accessories. Additionally, all players start with a Tier 1 battle pass. The game offers a browser-based basic progress, such as playing five matches to unlock items or additional access. 

Mini Royale will offer prizes in SOL for winning matches and specific challenges. In the stabilized version, the game will offer additional tokens, which will be swappable for existing crypto coins, including SOL. 

Solana games are also easily switching between direct Web2 access and Web3. Mini Royale reports onboarding as many as 2M registered players.

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