Ev.IO Prepares for January 24 Mint, Adding to Playable 3D Characters in FPS

Ev.IO is a fun-first FPS game with NFT characters or free access and the goal of killing as many zombies as possible.

Ev.IO was one of the high-profile games in 2022, joining the 3D first-person shooter game market. Ev.IO is now preparing for a January 24 NFT mint through Hunt8Minting. The event will add a new batch of imaginative characters into the game. 

Ev.IO is holding its ground as a Solana game, still using the network despite the price slide in 2022. The mint adds to the high-profile social media presence of Ev.IO, while also adding to the fun-first approach. 

Ev.IO is also finishing up its Fractal Cup Tournament, open for all players and ending before the weekend. 

Ev.IO relies on special tournament events with specific themes, this time opening the Fractal Cup with teams of four. Players compete to kill as many zombies as possible and climb up the leaderboards.

Most of the Ev.IO gameplays are not reflected directly on the blockchain, hence the low interactions with Solana network counting almost no users. But Ev.IO remains successful as a free-to-play app available immediately with browser access.

Ev.IO Aims for Mass Outreach

The Fractal platform, which carries the tournament, also reported 1,500 users in the past 24 hours, based on connected wallets. Fractal is also trying to onboard traditional gamers into Web3, through its dedicated Fractal wallet. Mints can now be done through fiat, instead of first buying SOL or other tokens.

Players can also access Ev.IO by renting NFT as a form of sponsorship. DLA Dao is one of the guilds to offer cost-free renting to play the game and accrue rewards. 

Ev.IO is a game with an emphasis on fun and community, and was often seen among top trending games in the past year. The game project was presented on multiple live events for Web3 games. On a daily basis, Ev.IO offers matches to accessible servers, showing the number of players active in the game. Ev.IO is also one of the games available for e-sports events and competitive mini-tournaments.

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