Mist Metaverse Reaches Alpha Testing Stage

MIST tokens can be acquired for USDT through MetaMask. The game will use BNB Chain, and is accessible through Orion Protocol with the new Mist Wallet.
  • Mist Metaverse is showcasing its main Quest gameplay with a final game boss.
  • The game is available for Windows download.
  • Mist Metaverse offers an integrated Mist wallet.

Mist Metaverse reached a series of important alpha tests, aiming to boost capacity and start onboarding more users. Mist Metaverse brings an action-packed open-world RPG, with two main factions, 8 character races and 9 classes of skill and rarity. 

The game carries an array of characters, spread among the eight races: human, dwarf, fallen, leonin, orc, elf, rhinokin and mousekin. Those characters can combine with the available occupations: adventurer, bard, berserker, crusader, enchanter, priest, ranger, shapeshifter and witch hunter.

Mist Metaverse is opening up its Windows version for download, with Mac OS version expected in a few days. 


The second testing session is coming soon, expected to draw in more players and test server load. The game will be open in quest mode, requiring the completion of tasks and a final boss. Players may also encounter PvP mode with other players, who could also enter combat. 

The game is also adding updates based on recent feedback. The game will add to the recent rise in complex RPG with a rich, detailed world. Mist Metaverse is another game with visuals resembling nostalgic adventure RPG, but with added multiple types of NFT.

In addition to the playable characters, the game will include mount and skill cards, which are rendered in 3D, of high quality and can be used as collectibles. 

Mist Metaverse Offers Integrated Wallet and Account Identity

Along with the game, Mist Metaverse is spreading the usage of its Mist Wallet, which connects to the Orion Protocol. Orion offers a smoother, more seamless integration specific to the needs of P2E games.

Mist Wallet will serve as both a secure wallet and a game login and identity. Players wil fully own their keys, and the game will not keep or recover the secret private key if lost. The Mist wallet will not track user IP and will be entirely decentralized, no information kept on game servers.

Currently, the game allows players to purchase MIST tokens for USDT. However, the NFT marketplace is still empty, and the game tokenization will wait for more tests.

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