The Red Village Horror RPG Brings New Marketplace to Boost NFT Activity

The Red Village will have a breeding-like mechanic known as summoning, with relatively high fees to avoid over-production of NFT.
  • The Red Village is a battle game with set within a dark fantasy world.
  • The Summoning mechanic has arrived, giving value to Champions as a source of genetic traits.
  • Summoning fees will be distributed in the game economy.

The Red Village is expanding its reach, after launching its native NFT marketplace. The game is a dark fantasy RPG, with skills-based battle mechanics. This is a rarity among Web3 games, where players often join idle battles. 

Players need to Summon champions, with a chance element of winning a rare NFT with advantages. 

The Summoning update, which will be the game’s NFT breeding mechanic, will start on December 22. The Red Village also plans to launch its native marketplace soon. 

Summoning Will Work in Cycles

Summoning, or creating new Champions, will happen in cycles, following a certain number of battles in the game. There is a countdown to battles where players can estimate when to use their Heroes for Summoning. 

In the meantime, The Red Village is running one of its regular battle tournaments, adding as many as 1,000 players.

The Champions are made to resemble the style of classic games like Diablo, Skyrim and the Witcher. Each has specific skills and strengths in tournaments, and players need to apply the best selection in battles. 

The Red Village is one of the more developed play-to-own games, and a partner to Animoca Brands. The game will use the Polygon ecosystem for ownership to offer the lowest fees possible. 

The Summoning arrives a few months after the introduction of tournaments. Players can generate new Champions and sell them, rent them or simply use their powers to climb the leaderboards. In the coming months, The Red Village will also bring Permadeath, where the NFT champion get burned, as well as renting options. This will put Champions at the center of the in-game economy. 

Summoning can be used to bring new traits, both for battle advantage and as purely cosmetic traits. Each Champion has certain genetic traits that will produce those features when combined with other Champions. Summoning has relatively high fees, to avoid over-production of new Heroes. Fees may reach as high as $80 for Champions with specific traits.

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