My DeFi Pet: Game to Evolve with Pet Migration to V2

My DeFi Pet votes on migrating more than 3.3M playable NFT pets. Game tries to reinvent its model with lowered DPET market price.
  • More than 3.3M pets generated in a year.
  • Vote closes on May 21, more demand for migrating all pets to V2.
  • DPET down to $0.18, puts pressure on P2E model.

My DeFi Pet was one of the hottest P2E games with an added DeFi feature. The game is now trying to reinvent itself and gain back its players. My DeFi Pet combined gameplay and NFT staking, ending up with high earnings during the peak of 2021. 

The game recently celebrated its one-year anniversary, achieving mass success on par with Axie Infinity at one point. The goal of My DeFi Pet was to build a mass-adoption blockchain game.

Now, the game is trying to reinvent itself with a site redesign, new game features for 2022 and a V2 financial structure. 

How My DeFi Pet will Evolve the Pets Character Collection

There are four more days, until May 21, to vote on the Pets V2 proposal and the best way to integrate that generation of the new edition of NFT. The voting is between the decision to migrate Pets V1 directly into V2, or to leave the V1 pets and add a new generation. The most probable decision would be to upgrade all pets to V2. 

The earnings potential of MyDeFi pet has fallen off a cliff in the past year, mostly due to the position of the DPET token. DPET reached a peak above $9.52, only to sink to new lows around $0.18. DPET still mostly depends on KuCoin and Gate.IO trading, with limited decentralized activity.

The game tries to keep up its appeal with events-based gaming and special rewards, to boost the player count which has fallen to under 600 players per day. The game also organizes boss fights and activities with around $10,000 in rewards.

My DeFi Pet has entered a stage similar to many hot P2E games, including Axie Infinity, Play Crabada, Pegaxy and others, attempting to keep their appeal with a lower token activity.

The game has already minted more than 3.3M Pets, of which the most expensive resale was for 5 BNB. My DeFi Pet also counts more than a million registered users. The game was considered as potential competition for Axie Infinity, though it charted its own path for both the token and the NFT playable characters.

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