My DeFi Pet Review – The Kardia Chain Flagman Game

My DeFi Pet offers a dynamic metaverse game, focused on Southeast Asia but drawing in an international community of players.

My DeFi Pet is a game of proliferating pets that ties together breeding, rare items and open finance. 

My DeFi Pet is based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for its lower fee potential and higher transaction speed. My DeFi Pet holds some similarities to Axie Infinity (AXS), though with aits own set of dynamics and new character creation through buying “eggs” to breed the pets. 

The game also uses KardiaChain and its purpose-built decentralized exchange to build up liquidity and settle prices. 

My DeFi Pet Bridges International Community

The Kardia Chain has been built to provide blockchain infrastructure for Southeast Asia, building up on a wide net of users. The Discord channel has about 46,000 users, a small drop compared to leading games like Axie Infinity or The Sandbox.

However, My DeFi Pet has smaller channels of communication, with fans spread as far as Vietnam and Russia. A smaller community of 4,800 members on Reddit also comments on the game’s features. 

The DPET token distribution has reached 181,437 addresses based on BSC Scan. My DeFi Pet has additional reach through the GameFi launchpad platform. DappRadar shows about 1,300 users have been active in the past days.

Who is Behind TopeBox

TopeBox, Vietnam’s leading game development company, claims over 100M downloads on the Apple App Store and Google Play. 

My DeFi Pet taps the team of both TopeBox and KardiaChain, with experience in building a workable product. 

What Makes My DeFi Pet Unique

My DeFi Pet builds on the Kardia blockchain, and is part of the portfolio of products focusing on both gaming and open finance. NFTs from the game are possible on BSC, or can be carried on the proprietary Kardia wallet. Thetan Arena is the other brawl type game available on the Kardia network, and tokens from both games can be traded on the Cong Troi marketplace or used for yield farming on BecoSwap or another open finance system. 

How Play to Earn Works for My DeFi Pet

The Kardia blockchain and BSC allow players to use their earnings from Battle Mode and PVE. An NFT marketplace has been built, where digital pets can also be bought, sold or lent out similar to the Axie Infinity scholarship program. 

Playing battle arena games and fulfilling other missions leads to payments in the DPET token. DPET peaked above $9.30 but has since fallen toward $1.69. DPET can be swapped on PancakeSwap, as well as available exchanges through the Kardia wallet.

How to Acquire Game Assets to Start with My DeFi Pet

Acquiring new characters happens by buying fixed-price eggs. The first thing needed is the Kardia wallet, or MetaMask wallet that connects with Binance Smart Chain. 

Buying an egg has a cost of 3 DPET. Connecting to BSC is then also necessary to play the game. DPET is needed to play the game, which can be swapped directly from the game’s website.

What is the Verdict on My DeFi Pet

My DeFi pet covers most of the basic points for a play to earn game. There is some confusion on choosing the right network for the game, as well as migration and connection complexities between BSC and Kardia Network. Using My DeFi Pet on BSC may be simpler, though some users complain of failed transactions and running up BSC fee costs to enter the game during busy events.

Our rate is 28/50, dragged down by graphics that fall a bit behind other games, as well as the still low token distribution.

Total Score
  • Team Information and Reliability
    4/5 Good
    TopeBox and Kardia Network teams stand behind My DeFi Pet game.
  • Community
    5/5 Amazing
    Large community, though dispersed on several social media.
  • Number of Players
    2/5 Bad
    Under 5,000 active players registered per day.
  • Art and Images
    2/5 Bad
    Lagging behind more appealing games.
  • Secondary NFT Market/Resale
    4/5 Good
    Some OpenSea availability, possibility of NFT resale.
  • Funding Sources
    1/5 Awfully
    Limited ICO/Token sale.
  • Wallets
    4/5 Good
    DPET token accessible to most browser plugin wallets.
  • Exchange Liquidity
    2/5 Bad
    Limited presence on exchanges.
  • Token Rating
    2/5 Bad
    Some signs of distribution, but still big "whales".
  • Potential Returns/Rewards
    2/5 Bad
    Regular level of returns.
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