My Neighbor Alice Breaking Out Another Land Sale

My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) will extend its alpha season to build up activity in land plot resales.
  • 1,000 more medieval-themed plots to be distributed.
  • ALICE token rises slightly above $2.80.
  • My Neighbor Alice has goal to launch beta in 2023.

My Neighbor Alice reminded of itself with another land sale period. Until August 15, the game will distribute a new batch of Islands, locations to be used within the game. The game is still in the alpha stage, and depends more on land staking, holding and ALICE token trading.

My Neighbor Alice will also extend its Alpha Season 1, to allow new players to grab lands. A secondary market has also launched, allowing current and earlier island buyers to resell their plots. 

The new sale will add 1,000 plots with the Medieval Plains Island theme, of which 25 plots will be given away in a lucky draw event. The rest will be sold in batches until the end date of the mint. Participants with more land bids will have a higher chance of winning one of the free plots. 

Is My Neighbor Alice a Busy Game

The ALICE token is still held in only 6,366 wallets, with zero players registered by DappRadar. The game’s Twitter following is close to 180K accounts, however, and My Neighbor Alice was among the most widely awaited games in 2022. 

ALICE, the game’s native token, currently trades around $2.80, down 90% from its peak at around $28. The token has not unraveled further, and has the advantage of a highly liquid Binance listing. This would make ALICE an in-demand game for easier swapping and exchanging of rewards.

Land plots in the game resell for around 275 ALICE, while Legendary plots resell for above 600 ALICE. The game’s newly released marketplace is mostly trading land, still with no resales of produced items.

My Neighbor Alice warns of scams and fake NFT mints distributed through Telegram channels, and advises players to only use the official communication channels and announcements.

My Neighbor Alice will run in Alpha until 2023, based on its roadmap. Until the end of 2022, two more land sales may arrive, one for each remaining quarter. The open beta launch is expected at some point in 2023.

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