My Neighbor Alice Offers In-Game Store Economy

My Neighbor Alice has a slow roadmap, expecting additional land sales before a beta launch in 2023.
  • My Neighbor Alice wraps up the latest round of island land plot sales.
  • In-game features aim at an endless game of adventure and resource-gathering.
  • ALICE token expected to recover from current lows.

My Neighbor Alice is adding an in-game shopping mechanic. After a series of land expansions, roughly one each quarter, the game is still in the alpha stage and growing its features. The announcement comes just as My Neighbor Alice is closing the last stage of its most recent 15-day period of land plot sales.

The latest feature to be added is an in-game shopping possibility, arranging to swap items even outside a dedicated NFT market.

An in-game approach to resources has been used in other games, including Sunflower Land, as well as some of the resource elements of the Vulcanverse. The in-game shops allow players to swap items without on-chain interaction and fees. 

The in-world shops are also enriching the game’s metaverse element, as the game is also planning routes around its islands to add to the game experience. 

The player count for My Neighbor Alice is still hard to determine based on BSC activity. Still, 51,912 addresses hold the native ALICE token, which is one of the most active P2E assets. The game is officially in Alpha Season 1 with no limit to duration, and may expect more advanced gameplay in 2023. 

ALICE Token Hints at Potential Recovery

In the meantime, land plots are the most actively traded items on the game’s native marketplace, asking as much as 720 ALICE. The ALICE token currently trades at $2.74, more than a 90% drop from its peak above $28.

ALICE still enjoys more than $50M daily in trading volumes, while also benefitting from a listing on Binance and some early promotion from the exchange’s IDO and NFT branches. ALICE is also seen as a potential recovery and a relatively undervalued token, ready to regain higher positions in case of a favorable market turn.

My Neighbor Alice was a game that generated a lot of hype, though it moves with a relatively slow roadmap. The Beta version is scheduled for some time in 2023, with most of the efforts related to land extension sales and marketing. The game’s goal is to offer an endless adventure and resource experience.

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