Mytheria: Clash of Pantheons Opens for Special Autumn Rewards

Mytheria is working on multiple game modes and tournaments.
  • Join Mytheria until September 16 for extra MYRA rewards.
  • Mytheria is ready with open beta, create-to-earn mechanics unique to the game.
  • MYRA tokens trade on Gate.IO, Pancake Swap.

Mytheria: Clash of Pantheons is preparing for a special Autumn Festival edition, with additional prizes. Additional MYRA tokens will be added to the leaderboard rewards, running until September 16. The rewards will be distributed as follows: 

  • 1st: 1000 MYRA
  • 2nd: 800 MYRA
  • 3rd: 500 MYRA
  • 4th – 8th: 300 MYRA

The announcement of the special prizes immediately raised the player count on Mytheria, bringing it among top 15 most visited games on the charts. 

Mytheria is a mix of resource gameplay, quests, battles and a social element with team formation. The game spans a mythical universe of Heroes and Gods, and may be the first create-to-earn game where players build a part of the game’s assets..

Mytheria has completed its open beta launch, with the game available for download. The P2E element requires a wallet connection to access the required NFT and receive tokens. Mytheria offers card ownership similar to Gods and Legends.

MYRA tokens can be staked for extra passive income. However, Mytheria can be played as a free game initially, with no need to commit to NFT ownership from the beginning. Each God NFT can be upgraded in three stages, with varied levels of skill based on the rarity of the card.

Mytheria Offers Content Creation to Earn

Another tool for earnings is content creation, with the potential to create artworks and display them or even have them integrated into the game in the form of tradable cards. All assets on Mytheria can be wrapped as NFT on Binance Smart Chain. However, the game still has limited on-chain activity with limited data on NFT ownership. 

Mytheria will allow players to own all their playable cards, while also using the God Forge to build new Gods and compete within the game. Possible modes include PvE, PvP, Battle Royale with seven players, as well as regular tournaments for the best players. The complete modes may arrive toward the end of 2022 and beyond, depending on the development schedule.

MYRA tokens have a relatively wide distribution, to 11,032 addresses. The asset also has a price discovery mechanism, currently trading at $0.0071. MYRA relies on Gate.IO and Pancake Swap for most of its activity.

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