Gods and Legends Prepares for New NFT Drop

Gods and Legends offers a mix of free play and potential earnings for owning NFT. Pack sale open with regular NFT pack giveaways.
  • Gods and Legends offers NFT utility by staking to earn WAX or GNLR tokens.
  • Gods and Legends is a tower defense game with DeFi and NFT elements.
  • The game partners with R-Planet, a top 5 game on WAX blockchain.

Gods and Legends, one of the top P2E games in the WAX ecosystem, is preparing for a new airdrop coming this Friday. The airdrop will add to the existing NFT collection of the game, which is already tradable on WAX. 


All Gods and Legends items can be traded on Atomic Hub, the main NFT market on WAX, as well as other small markets. Previously, the game announced a form of NFT staking, using the game’s assets to earn WAX.


Gods and Legends aims to offer multiple revenue streams, starting with free gaming and earning, and also including GameFi elements and some risk-taking. The game offers a tower defense experience based on NFT heroes.

Gods and Legends will airdrop GNLR tokens to all NFT owners from the game, as well as from Wombat Dungeon Master and R-planet. 

Gods and Legends centers around collectible cards based on hero myths with six levels of rarity. The game team also produces NFT comics and a YouTube anime series. The game holds regular giveaways for card packs. Additionally, trading the game’s cards can earn tokens from other projects, such as HONEY from NFT Hive. 


Gods and Legends GNLR tokens are tradable, though with a single pair on CoinTiger. The token is at $0.0027, after launching at $0.11 in October 2021.

WAX Ecosystem Keeps Supporting Top Games

Gods and Legends is still far from becoming a top game on WAX, but has joined Wombat Dungeon Master, one of the more prominent P2E hubs. The other partner game, R-Planet, is also among top 5 on the WAX blockchain.

The advantage of WAX remains in low fees and high transaction speed. WAX is also an entry point for Web3 games, as it offers the creation of a versatile wallet that works as an account over the entire ecosystem. 

WAX has also stabilized around $0.10 and remains a relatively liquid gaming token. WAX has traded for years and established enough liquidity to absorb some of the selling from the P2E games.

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