Phantom Galaxies Introduces NFT to Prove XP Level

Phantom Galaxies opens a fast-paced space 3D shooter challenge.
  • Phantom Galaxies is accessible with a downloadable version.
  • The game requires an avatar mint to join.
  • This Friday, the next Astrafite Challenge will start with special rewards.

Phantom Galaxies is one of the AAA-grade arrivals on the Web3 scene in 2022. On Friday, November 11, the game will launch Cycle 2 of its special challenge, where players must defeat opponents and engage in space mining.

Phantom Galaxies still offers limited in-game experiences, like the recent Astrafite Rush Episode 4 event. The game also marks some activity on its Polygon smart contract, as players call for receiving on-chain rewards. However, most of the gameplays will be happening offline, using the downloadable version.

What Makes Phantom Galaxies Stand Out

Phantom Galaxy offers 3D gameplay with a dynamic aim-and-shoot experience against enemies and resource-laden asteroids.

The game also found fast integration into Web3, with some players managing to extract value from in-game items or early-bird mints. But the biggest feat is that Phantom Galaxies managed to launch a live experience while retaining the interest and engagement of players. 

How Phantom Galaxies Integrates Web3

The game is not free, and players must first connect their wallets and mint a playable avatar. Players also register with a unique code to connect their game progress to their wallet balance. Phantom Galaxies is available for download, in its current pre-release alpha version, to be tested outside special events. 

So far, the game has received positive feedback, despite the need to mint and own an NFT avatar. Phantom Galaxies is also innovating though its NFT technology. During the Astrafite Rush, players will receive an airdrop with a special Progress Tracker token.

The XP NFT will have utility within the event’s session. After that, it will serve just as a memento and signify a permanent record on the Polygon blockchain. The NFT may not have inherent resale value or utility for other players.

Phantom Galaxies also released the ASTRAFER token in June 2022. The asset only saw limited trading, moving between $2 and $3.50. The game’s early stage means the asset has low priority and may remain stagnant or volatile, as the price depends on decentralized trading and is exposed to market risks.

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