Planet Mojo Prepares for Free Mint, Pre-Listing Giveaway

Planet Mojo will include Champion warriors NFT, Mojo elemental creatures, and hold a land sale in Q2.
  • Planet Mojo will offer a metaverse of connected games.
  • The first playable mode will be an idle grid battle with NFT Champions.
  • Planet Mojo is built on the Solana blockchain, NFT land sale coming in Q2.

Planet Mojo is preparing for its Champion Mint, reserved for pre-listed players. Now, a new giveaway is active for a simple three-step social media task. Champion Mint will distribute some of the animated avatar NFT from the game, building a community of loyal early adopters.

Planet Mojo will introduce another grid-based battle game, with playable avatars and Battle Stone crafted NFT. Over time, the game plans to evolve into a Mojoverse, where the avatar NFT will be compatible with other games.

Players face off in an auto-chess grid field, and select their Champions based on offense and defense stats. Using buffs and Spell Stones, they try to outlast the opponent. Planet Mojo also allows upgrading the Champions during the match to gain an edge. The game mode to arrive first will be Mojo Melee, a multiplayer idle match. 

The fast-paced matches happen in two phases, where players pick their Champions and do some last-minute upgrades. After that, the teams face off in an idle, or automated battle, where the best attacks and defenses win the match.

Planet Mojo to Generate Cross-Compatible NFT

Planet Mojo has a long-term progress arc as well, where players hold onto their avatars, build teams and join ranked seasons. Planet Mojo will also introduce Battle Pass NFT for exclusive events. The game’s goal is to pick the best team of Champions, use Spell Stones for advantage in the live PvP battle, and upgrade the team with the rewards.

The game’s NFT also include the Mojos, which are elemental planetary defenders. Discovering the different kinds of Mojos will grant players additional skills. The use cases for those NFT may not be limited to one game only, and may expand to the entire Mojoverse. 

Planet Mojo plans more NFT sales, with land coming in Q2. Currently, the game is already represented on the Magic Eden NFT marketplace, the leading market for Solana-based games and NFT.

Planet Mojo is also one of the games supported and curated by Animoca Brands. The game has an ambitious roadmap with additional game modes and content to arrive each quarter in 2023.

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