Eternal Dragons Expands Alpha to Partner Web3 Projects

Eternal Dragons picked Solana and Magic Eden for its NFT collection.
  • Eternal Dragons has built a tournament-ready alpha stage with idle battling.
  • Two more game modes coming in the future in addition to the grid defense game.
  • Eternal Dragons includes Dragon and Human defender characters wrapped as NFT on Solana.

Eternal Dragons is a fantasy RPG with Web3 ownership, currently in its closed alpha stage reserved for early NFT owners. Eternal Dragons is now expanding its alpha release to partner projects, while building up its user base for a wider launch. Eternal Dragons is produced by Trailblazer Games, which will aim to build a hub for all of the game’s chapters and game modes.

Eternal Dragons aims to be a community-driven game, where content and value are decided by players and fulfilled by the developing team. Eternal Dragons is an automated battle game, which places defenders on an arena grid. The goal is to pick the right mix of challengers to outdo the AI opponent or another player. 

Eternal Dragons is entering the autobattlers tower defense niche, along with games like TimeShuffle, Anazir and other grid-based games like Plant Empires. The casual gameplay and strategic possibilities mean the game model is suitable to onboard more players and show them the utility of owning NFT heroes.

Eternal Dragons Prepares for New Game Modes

In Eternal Dragons, players pick among five classes of dragon fighters: Assassin, Druid, Fighter, Hunter, and Guardian. Another layer of defense comes from the human characters: Acolyte, Thief, Forest Folk, Soldier and Artefact.

Even at the alpha stage, the game also has leaderboards and has completed its first tournament. The first stage of the game will continue with the idle battles, in preparation for also adding a simulated City Builder game. The last part will be a multiplayer strategy, added on top of the first two main gameplays and content. 

The game’s second chapter of building and crafting is already being built. In the near future, Eternal Dragons will also announce a mystery Project X, to add to the battle and the dragon breeding game.

Eternal Dragons started out as a Solana game, and has already set up shop on the Magic Eden NFT marketplace. Top Dragon NFT reach 1,000 SOL asking price, and players can also buy eggs to hatch with a surprise Dragon. Players can also instant-sell dragons for a flat bid of 3.5 SOL for the lower-valued NFT.

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