Plant Vs Undead: Season Ends, Update 3.1 Goes Live

Plant Vs Undead aims to rebuild user base, expecting token migration to Factory Chain and new liquidity pairs.

Plant Vs Undead wrapped up its last season, and its 3.1 version has been live for a week. The game is now more accessible, and can be reached through MetaMask wallet.

Plant Vs Undead is currently in between seasons and aims to update its game and improve in-game earnings. The game’s central struggle is with the flagging value of the PVU reward token, which discouraged players. 

PVU sank from peaks above $24 when the game launched at the end of 2021, to the current level of $0.05, erasing value for some of the earlier buyers. Now, the game hopes to preserve its appeal and start from the lower level. 

Plant Vs Undead aims to return to popularity and grow its player base, as the end of the season has also dwindled activity to almost nothing. The game also has limited presence on OpenSea, with most of the item trading happening on the internal marketplace. 

Plant Vs Undead Switches to Factory Chain

Plant Vs Undead plans to migrate its native token from Binance Smart Chain to Factory Chain.

The platform conversion starts soon – and will run between February 24 and February 28. The game’s team is yet to give details on how the migration will happen. For now, PVU will continue to trade through its Binance-based liquidity pairs to continue with price discovery. 

For a while, the game will in fact exist on both blockchains and use both liquidity pools. A Factory Chain liquidity pool is coming soon along with the migration. 

Factory Chain is a new blockchain with a handful of tokens, dedicated specifically to GameFi and play to earn. This chain already hosts P2E games like Draft Survival and Boomberparty.

The blockchain also allows for the creation of decentralized liquidity pools to assign value to new game tokens. Adding Plant Vs Undead will increase both exposure and the opportunity for new liquidity to lift up the PVU token.

The second blockchain will carry a version of the token known as FPVU.

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