How to Use MetaMask Wallet for Crypto Gaming

The MetaMask wallet, available as a browser extension, is versatile and easy to unlock any token-based application. 

How to Start with MetaMask

To start with the MetaMask wallet, visit the browser extension link and agree to the terms. For older users, the wallet will give a prompt to open an existing Ethereum wallet by copying a seed phrase. 

For new users, a brand-new MetaMask generates with a brand-new seed phrase. Copy down the 12-word seed phrase and store it safely. 

MetaMask will also require a secure password,
which you will also need to back up. 

NFT marketplaces, yield farms and play to earn games will have a prompt to link the MetaMask wallet. If you are logged into the wallet, the connection will be made immediately. 

Once linked, the wallet will start displaying the token or Ethereum balance available, which can be used within the game. 

How to Determine Gas Fees with MetaMask

Transactions on NFT markets and inside games can look simple on the surface. But MetaMask will expose one catch – the gas fee. Even with the renewed fee schedule for Ethereum users, a simple operation can run up significant costs.

The gas fee may vary within minutes, rising and falling depending on how full the next Ethereum block is. Blocks get produced every minute, so it is possible to get a better rate with additional attempts. However, using decentralized apps always comes with the potential for significantly higher fees. 

One way to circumvent fees is to use the Polygon network. Markets such as OpenSea will allow MetaMask users to bridge to Polygon. That step itself will require a gas fee, though smaller. Using the polygon network for additional operations will substantially lower the fees for buying and selling NFTs or in-game items. The gas fees for this amount of ETH ran up to $68 to use the Polygon bridge. New users may need to acquire a more significant stash of ETH before moving into a game or a collection.

The wallet also has the option to switch to Wrapped ETH, or WETH. This option runs up fees of around $45. Fees may depend on the exact moment of usage, and may become much higher if blocks are too full.

How to Load ETH into Metamask

Access to ETH buying may vary by region. One of the most direct ways to acquire ETH or another token suitable for play to earn is to use a credit card purchase through MetaMask. 

The availability of purchases depends on the service used. OpenSea for instance offers ETH, as well as Basic Attention Token, DAI, as well as SAND, the native token of Sandbox. Other options include USDC and MATIC. ETH can be bought directly as a Polygon-based asset.

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