Plato Farm Grows with Farmers Wealth Expansion

Plato Farm is a new game with big NFT potential, just starting out in token and item trading.
  • Plato Farm trending on social media as game tries to expand player count.
  • PLATO token relies on Huobi listing for liquidity.

Plato Farm is another game showing the success of the farm and grind model. This blockchain game combines civilization building with resource-based activities and wealth-building. Plato Farm is a variation on the survival theme of Sunflower Land, with a 3D rendition. 

Plato Farm is still a grass-roots game with low rewards and gradual value-building. However, this approach may bring sustainability to the game, which is just starting out. 

The next step for Plato Farm are the planned Farming Campaigns for early NFT holders. The game also tries to incentivize players with MARK and PLATO tokens. 

PLATO currently trades at $0.004, just days after launching. From May 24, the token slid from a peak above $0.03. PLATO is the more liquid of the two game tokens, with a listing on Huobi Global and Gate.IO. MARK, the game reward token, trades even lower at $0.0000022, due to its low liquidity on MDEX and CherrySwap.

Unlike Sunflower Land, Plato Farm is a BSC game and has a limited listing on OpenSea. The NFT from the game include farming land plots, as well as a very small listing of crafted items. Most of the in-game NFT are traded on the native market of Plato Farm, with still few crops or ores. Most of the resold items are tools, known as props, to be used in the game challenges and in farming or crafting.

One of the reasons for the still almost inactive NFT market is that the players are still discovering the game. DappRadar is showing 92 players in total, picking up slowly since March 2022. However, the game is trending on social media and the player growth may just be starting out. 

In the early days of Sunflower Land, the game also relied on organic growth, with almost no interest from bots. At this point, Plato Farm is still fighting for recognition as a new-arrival game. The MARK distribution on BSC shows 1,172 addresses created, with only 509 PLATO addresses. Most of the tokens still stay in the game as users need to specifically withdraw to trade.

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