Sunflower Land: Will Game Offer Player-Designed NFT

Sunflower Land still hosts more than 20K daily players with routine farm work and mining.
  • Game’s roadmap plans for community NFT at a later stage.
  • SFL token slides from $0.25 down to $0.15 on an unstable crypto market.

Sunflower Land is becoming attractive for its series of already available or upcoming items. The game so far has an internal economy, with limited token sales on the open market. This preserves the grass-roots character of the game and it has not been strip-mined for resources. 

The reason for this is that Sunflower Land redirects the resource collection to rare and desirable items. Those are treated like in-game achievements, with no pressure for mass sales. One of the next expected upgrades will be Mutant Crops, potentially allowing for user-generated NFT. 

At this point, the game team has not signaled if the Mutant Crops are live, or just a preview of concept art. But it is another sign the game is in the stage of adding features. 

Sunflower Land Still Keeps Robust Player Count

Sunflower Land attracts around 21.69K players per day, a relatively stable number due to the nature of regular crop generation. Most players use bots for repeatable tasks, though the game has introduced policies against bot-based farm generation. This leads to the need for user accounts and a compromise with decentralization.

Some of the reported problems for Sunflower Land include bans and loss of months of work. Also, for some of the items, the withdrawal option is disabled. The game’s items can, in theory, be bought and sold on OpenSea, and there are attempts to list some of the NFT. But for now, Sunflower Land has low interest in terms of item resales.

In its current stage, Sunflower Land depends on external markets to value its NFT and the SFL token. In the future, the game plans to build a decentralized market and build up its own liquidity. Community NFT creation will come at this stage, while it may still be months away, so the latest demonstration of user-designed crops is for now just a teaser.

SFL Takes a Step Back

SFL, the game’s native token, crashed from $0.25 down to $0.15 after the latest market downturn. SFL may continue to slide, despite the in-game mechanism of diminishing rewards.

The asset still depends only on QuickSwap, and there are no active attempts or campaigns for more listings.

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