Plus Minus: Why This Simple Puzzle Game Made It

Puzzle games are one of the most popular tools for idle play and earning crypto tokens.
  • Plus Minus opens mini-tournament until September 30.
  • Earn DOZEN token, swap and stake this multi-game asset.
  • Plus Minus offers simple math puzzles, as well as token staking and GameFi.

Plus Minus follows some of the winning models for P2E games like Gameta. The game is rising near the top of the most played P2E puzzles, after offering a live game with the potential for crypto withdrawals. 

The game had its launch less than a week ago, and offered an early token withdrawal function.

Plus Minus has the potential for mass adoption, following a simple model of math puzzles. New users can start for free with an initial 100 points bonus. In addition to earning, the game offers a limited swap and staking function. Additionally, the game offers its first airdrop round for following a list of actions through the game’s Telegram channel.

Plus Minus is still at an early stage, and some of the features may not perform as expected, including the crypto functionalities for in-game trading. But the game team may fix the bugs quickly, as the success of Plus Minus also hinges on the DOZEN token. 

DOZEN Token Builds Multi-Game Ecosystem

DOZEN will serve Plus Minus, as well as NFT Marble Game and other puzzle games in a common crypto ecosystem. DOZEN is a token based on Binance Smart Chain, though for now still without a trading mechanism and a set price. 

Based on prize pool sizes, DOZEN is valuead at $0.10 based on in-game reward size. Top players in the current round of gaming may earn 200 DOZEN. Besides the main game for download, Plus Minus will open a mini game until September 30, with an additional prize pool.

The game offers full PvP mechanics, offering matches against other logged players. Competitive wins against an opponent will bring points, which will then serve to rank all players to compete for rewards.

Starting out with the game promises substantial and early DOZEN earnings. 30% of the tokens will be released as P2E reward, with more available for staking rewards.

Based on the roadmap, the intention is to have DOZEN listed to exchanges with pricing information by the end of 2022.

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