Gameta Opens Testing for Features on BNB Chain

Gameta will reward users for referrals and other social media, trading and bridging tasks.
  • Gameta to offer special tasks for BNB Chain users, with a series of prizes.
  • Mini-games with token-based rewards aim to bring Web3 to a mass audience.
  • Gameta has more than 54K daily users.

Gameta, one of the most prominent P2E projects, is now opening up its alpha testing campaign on BNB Chain. Gameta has lined up among top 10 games in terms of smart contract interactions around its NFT collection. Gameta has been on BNB Chain since July 15, but now wants to expand its features, test withdrawals and reward the community. 

Now, the game will engage its community in a series of events between August 26 and September 26. Even before the test, Gameta was the #1 game on the Solana network, with more than 54K daily users. 

Gameta offers in-game items like gems and HIP coins. Playing the game requires the ownership of a Hippo NFT. The level and rarity of the NFT also determine the final result of the mini-games. 

Gameta has the ambitious task of bringing Web3 technology for mass adoption. The actual game experience is already available as a series of mini-games to earn tokens. The tests will include a test of token transfers, as well as social media and popularization tasks, including a referral program. 

Gameta Aims for Success as Multi-Chain Game

Gameta thus has the chance to gain even more prominence and turn into one of the leading sources of earnings. The game also has the advantage of support from the Solana community. But this is also one of the reasons Gameta is trying to popularize its presence by joining the Biannce ecosystem. 

Additionally, the Solana network has been known for outages that happen rarely but still affect the network every few months. SOL, the native asset, trades at $35.39 after losses in the past week. SOL was expected to trade in the hundreds of dollars but slid during the June market crash. Despite this, the Solana ecosystem remains one of the top L1 solutions for NFT and games.

BNB Chain, on the other hand, flows into the wider market of decentralized trading and NFT marketplaces, allowing for more convenient swaps and wallet access. Now, Binance’s blockchains are used both for older projects and for the next generation of Web3 games that offer a completed playing experience with an added token bonus.

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