Rage on Wheels Completes Testing Stage, Reveals New Roadmap

Rage on Wheels has a hashrate feature for each car, where over time new cars are produced.
  • Rage on Wheels is launching its main net version 1.0 by the end of Q1.
  • ROW tokens to be sold on IDO in the coming weeks, with listings following soon.
  • Rage on Wheels offers players the chance to generate and mint new cars.

Rage on Wheels is a vehicle-themed battle and crafting game, recently joining the queue with a potential wider beta release. Rage on Wheels will complete its first testing stage this weekend, preparing for its next stage. The test period wrapped up after about four months, bringing the game’s dystopian racing adventure another step forwards.


Recently, Rage on Wheels also updated its roadmap for 2023 with new goals and content additions. The goal is to mix ownership, earnings, progress and a battle royale game with imaginative vehicles. Rage on Wheels is still an early-stage game with the potential to develop in the coming months and reward more tokens and items.

The main premise of Rage on Wheels is a mix of battle and racing, where upgraded cars compete for ROW tokens. During play, the NFT cars also have their own “hashrate” feature, and can end up generating new cars for the player.

To achieve easy onboarding, the initial car ownership is inside the game, where players can buy items or get them for free. To resell the cars, players need to mint the item as NFT on Binance Smart Chain, and try to resell it on OpenSea or through Binance NFT. The game will start out with its initial content pack of 200 unique types of cars, with the potential to add battle equipment. 

Rage on Wheels to Promote Token in Q1

The ROW token will take front seat in Q1, with an IDO sale planned. Initially, the token will have a pair on PancakeSwap, the leading BSC decentralized exchange. 

In the next two months, the game expects to launch its first mainnet version, with internal NFT marketplace. Additionally, the team will seek more listings and liquidity for its ROW token. An upcoming referral program will add to the game’s earnings.

Later this year, the game will bring craftable mystery boxes, basic crafting, as well as car part mining. The game will also launch its version 2.0 later this year. The game will also work toward a multiplayer mechanic and additional game modes. 

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