Rage on Wheels Offers Early Testnet Access to Try Game Features

Rage on Wheels will generate cars within the game, with the option to mint as NFT, export and resell.
  • Rage on Wheels will develop most of its advanced features in the next year.
  • ROW tokens to be locked for as long as 36 months.
  • Rage on Wheels will become a multi-chain game on BSC, Polygon, Solana and Ethereum.

Rage on Wheels is a P2E version of an already popular game idea. This game combines crafting, equipment and NFT with a racing challenge and PvP battles. The goal is to produce a team and participate in weaponized racing.

Now, Rage on Wheels is offering early preview while still running its test net for tokenization and NFT. 


The game is in the closed beta testing stage, though forming its first leaderboards. The game team is also gathering feedback and fixing bugs in real time. 


The game will issue its playable cars off-chain, with the option of minting each one as an NFT and reselling. Rage on Wheels has 40 unique car designs, which can go through five levels. This makes for 200 unique car combinations to own and make into a team. 

Players can also generate new cars, by owning other models. Each Car will have a hashrate statistic, which will help generate and mint new cars. The car NFT will also be craftable in the game and exportable. 

Rage on Wheels will use Binance Smart Chain, meaning access to OpenSea or BinanceNFT marketplaces. The game will also reach ChainLink oracle integration. In addition to the NFT value, Rage on Wheels will have a native ROW token. But the game’s launch and features will precede ROW, which will remain mostly locked for up to 36 months.

What Rage on Wheels Plans for Q4

The next couple of months will be busy, completing one of the important quarters for Rage on Wheels. By the end of 2022, the game will offer a test version on Android. 

Additionally, the ROW token and car NFT may be present on external marketplaces. ROW will seek listings on centralized exchanges to achieve price discovery.

Rage on Wheels may also expand to Ethereum, Solana and Polygon, becoming a multi-chain game with more options for exporting and swapping items.

In the year ahead, Rage on Wheels will also add complexity, and governance tools, and will release multiplayer options.

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