Shatterpoint Prepares to Mint Founders Hero Collection

Shatterpoint Heroes can be swapped between players to gain a better set of skills.
  • Shatterpoint is still in the making, but offers a free NFT Hero mint.
  • After whitelisting, early adopters can rely on a statistical chance to mint a Hero.
  • The game is open for early access, players can sign up for testing opportunities.

Shatterpoint is a game that wants to popularize its Web3 approach to gaming. Soon, the game will offer a free mint of its Founders Hero, setting out on a mission to create a system of cross-game digital avatars.

Shatterpoint is one of the trending games, which however will require a long waiting period. The game itself, a mini-skirmish with ownership of the playable avatars. Currently, the game is in its popularization stage, and will run a Twitter Spaces chat this Tuesday to outline its Web3 model.

Shatterpoint will build a fantasy-themed, cartoonish metaverse with enemies from another dimension. The game’s lore centers on freeing the world from the inflow of monsters that entered through the Portals. 

The Travelers tasked with fighting the monsters are a team of warriors, the basis of the game’s playable NFT. 

Free Mint and Giveaway Now Open

Shatterpoint is one of the games to offer its 3,333 Hero collection for a free mint. Signups are now open for the event. Joining the game’s Discord also offers a bonus giveaway. 

Instead of paying upfront, players have to line up for a whitelist. Then, they can fulfill daily challenges. The mint is not guaranteed but has a probability based on early access. 

Shatterpoint is also holding regular events and giveaways, while also offering early access to test the alpha and beta versions. Players can then research their Hero NFT and can swap it with other players if they want another set of upgradable skills. 

The Shatterpoint game still requires a Polygon wallet to join the free mint. The network has success with new games, as it is one of the low-cost blockchains with high reliability. The game will also partner with MagicEden to perform and distribute its NFT Hero mint. For Magic Eden, the Shatterpoint mint will be one of the first Polygon-based NFT collections.

Shatterpoint aims to take minimal upfront payment, as it positions itself to become a Web3 game. The game will also offer a free-to-play option to onboard as many users as possible.

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