Shatterpoint Aims for Chainplay Top Spot

Shatterpoint is a battle game with NFT Heroes, still in its pre-launch stage.
  • Shatterpoint is still working on its NFT heroes with upgradable skills.
  • The game aims to get to the top of Chainplay GG based on user voting on the best projects.
  • Shatterpoint aims for sustainable Web3 models without hype.

Shatterpoint keeps expanding its presence, and it still aims to become the top project on Chainplay based on user votes. The voting period is open until October 11, offering a prize pool of 3,000 BUSD.

Shatterpoint keeps boosting its social media presence with regular development updates. The project remains ambitious in becoming one of the first skill-based F2P and play-to-own games with a mass outreach. Shatterpoint wants to move to Web3 while standing apart from regular P2E games. 

Shatterpoint aims to build its play-to-own approach with multiple assets, which can be held and used, or resold. But the goal is not to produce endless tokens with no supply cap. 

Shatterpoint Still in Pre-Launch Building Period

Shatterpoint is still building up its main features and is in the process of launching a new website. Additionally, the game will release one of its development updates soon.

The game is working on presenting its NFT heroes with their skills and upgrade potential. For now, the game is still offering preliminary giveaways and events linked to popularization and its pre-launch period.

One of the goals of Shatterpoint is to offer advice on avoiding P2E game scams, while pointing out top projects and quality games. 

Chainplay is among the partners to achieve that goal. The gaming hub will host and popularize Web3 games with a high-end product and balanced usage of token ownership.

Shatterpoint managed to outbid games like Gunstar Metaverse by Gala Games, and line up at the top based on user voting. The potential of Chainplay to attract an audience is also encouraging for Shatterpoint once the game is fully launched. Chainplay League attracts around 20-30K voters per day during the latest game voting rounds.

Shatterpoint is also present on OpenSea with Hero NFT Gift Card, an asset that can be held before the game launch. The assets have a floor price of 0.065 ETH.

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