Sky Play Game CoinGrid: Counting Down to Beta Launch

SkyPlay will bring more trading features at the end of 2022 after years in development.
  • CoinGrid launch may come with special airdrops.
  • SKP tokens now trade thinly, gain liquidity with additional listings.
  • SkyPlay to grow into an independent multi-game Web3 and NFT platform.

CoinGrid is a casual puzzle game by SkyPlay NFT platform, which is right now counting down to its beta launch.

CoinGrid may be listed as yet another Web3 game, which also has the features of a traditional game and the potential for much wider adoption. CoinGrid may offer the opportunity for early adoption and more earnings and benefits as the game progresses. 

The game’s mission is to offer P2E opportunities with a casual start and the potential to only play for a few minutes per day. The game will feature single-player mode and matches. Later, CoinGrid will add NFT through the SkyPlay platform. 

To welcome new players, CoinGrid will also hold an airdrop event to kick off Web3 ownership. SkyPlay will aim to become more than a single game studio, instead creating a multi-game platform for mini-games. With this move, SkyPlay may position itself in a way similar to Gameta, the Solana-based multi-game platform. 

SKP Token Gains Liquidity

In October and November, SkyPlay will advance its tokenization and NFT features. The SKP token will launch, and the platform will add an NFT marketplace. 

SkyPlay will also offer a new way of onboarding users, which will combine user profiles with their token wallet. This moves SkyPlay as one of the games to use a Web2 onboarding process, while also offering blockchain-protected assets. This means SkyPlay may be more free to pick its custom type of blockchain and offer a native marketplace and swaps. On the other hand, the move will distance the SkyPlay games from the wider crypto ecosystem.

The SKP token, however, is currently based on the Polygon network. The token is gaining listings on centralized exchanges, adding to the fame of SkyPlay. The token is available on 10,239 wallets, signaling high potential adoption for CoinGrid.

SKP started trading in September and is still in a price discovery early stage. The asset started with a MEXC exchange listing and trades at $0.06. Probit Global added SKP a few days ago, with still limited effect on price action.

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