Skyweaver: Free-to-Own Card Game to Earn Upgrades and Ascend

Skyweaver is a multi-platform game with an integrated wallet for seamless Web3 ownership.
  • Skyweaver achieved more than 500K downloads on its mobile app.
  • The game offers additional packs and strategic deck-building.
  • Skyweaver is play-to-own with no tokenization and competitions for additional rare cards.

Skyweaver is a newly trending card collection game, which offers a free-to-own model with NFT cards. Skyweaver has been trending on social media after launching its last card expansion pack for 2022.

Card games similar to Gods Unchained have been popular among P2E projects, as they are one of the most straightforward NFT use cases. All NFT are usable within the game to win events and tournaments. 

Skyweaver Onboards Players to Web3 Ownership

Players on Skyweaver can choose a casual or competitive mode. The cards owned will define their mettle in the arena. 

Skyweaver is play-to-own, allowing new cards to be earned from battles. Skyweaver is also win-to-earn, making victories necessary for advancements and leaderboard placement. 

Players need to buy Conquest Tickets to enter tournaments, at the price of 1.5 USDC. Cards can also be acquired, either by direct buying or earning them from the weekly prize list. The game’s main action is players pitting their decks against each other, choosing cards to defeat their opponent based on strengths and statistics. 

Skyweaver Achieved Wide Reach

Even with this relatively simple model, Skyweaver has a vast reach, with more than 500K downloads on Google Play. This reach places Skyweaver among top Web3 apps, despite a lower influence as a crypto game. The chief reason is that Skyweaver is more about earning cards, with no prominent reward token. 

Skyweaver uses USDC tokens as a more intuitive pricing mechanism. SkyWeaver also uses the Sequence wallet, fully integrated with the user’s account, to automate NFT usage and fees. The game assets can also be coordinated by migrating to MetaMask for users that keep ETH and other assets in their preferred wallet. But the goal of Skyweaver is to onboard even new players with a seamless wallet similar to a Web2 account experience. 

Players can choose to play continuously in the Ranked mode, where they compete to win Silver Cards. The Conquest mode requires three wins in a row, and is paid. In Conquest, players compete for even more rare limited edition gold cards.

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