Special Force Rush: FPS Game Targeting Philippines

Special Force Rush is part of a family of games offering perks for NFT ownership.
  • Special Force Rush opened beta version in May.
  • SFR token exists within a limited ecosystem with no major exchange listings.
  • Infinity Market hosts nine games with free versions and NFT options.

Special Force Rush is one of the newest additions to the P2E space. The game is a high-grade FSP with a special focus on the Philippines gaming market. The region is known for driving the P2E trend after leading to the rise of Axie Infinity.

Special Force Rush has been in open beta since May 10, adding Pirate mode in June. The game is produced by Dragonfly, a South Korean game developer.

The game relies on an initial PFP collection mint, which gives special rights within the game. Players earn SFP coins, which can be active in the Infinity Market ecosystem. Special Force Rush is thus a crypto game within a separate ecosystem with a native BEBIT asset. So far, SFP has not been listed on exchanges and can only be cashed out via the BEBIT asset.

Special Force NFT are currently sold out, but Infintity Market has other game asset sales lined up for the near future.

What Infinity Market Offers

Special Force Rush is just one of the gaming headlines on Infinity Market. The hub for NFT games with native tokens carries a total of nine projects. The next coming PFP game will be Pixel Ground, a large-scale PC game. 

Infinity Market also integrates the Rush Wallet to store and move the assets of Special Force Rush and other games. 

Infinity Market is one of the hubs similar to WEMIX and Marblex, building a family of games with NFT minting. However, the assets are not exposed to the wider crypto ecosystem, and offer more security against scams or significant market price fluctuations.

Rush Wallet is also the main entry point to the entire P2E hub, where game selection follows the initial account creation. The hub has a different ecosystem which may appeal to traditional gamers, who can also choose to play without NFT. 

A similar approach has been taken by Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, which has limited NFT and token rewards, while still relying on its gaming product for an appeal to traditional gamers.

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