P2E and Web3 Weekly Review (June 16- June 23)

Games try to forge an independent path, but usually benefit from a reawakened crypto market.

Games are getting a boost from both a newly active crypto market, and signs of growth in Web3 solutions. With BTC reviving above $30K, all related projects may regain interest. However, Web3 gaming is trying to branch out on its own based on merits and fun games. Interest in P2E and NFT games is also shown by the latest Axie infinity statistics, showing an uptick in PvP matches for the latest Origins season. Other games are also active with special events and giveaways. 

Top Events of the Week

Web3 Game News

Sunflower Land Completes First Auction – Sunflower Land, the Polygon game of simulated farming, activated its auctions, collecting 350K SFL tokens. The proceeds from the auction will be burned, and players will keep very rare Golden Pigs as NFT. 


Anazir Available as Test Version – Signups are now open for the early testing of Anazir, a long-awaited game. Anazir is a fantasy game of elemental magic, where players build their strategy by generating Golems and setting them up as defense. 


Kingdom Karnage Opens Perpetual Referral Program – Kingdom Karnage is a newly popular Web3 game with collectible cards. To boost its adoption, Kingdom Karnage offers a perpetual income-sharing referral program, offering passive income for recruiting new players. 


Leading Games by Number of Users

Leading games remain in their usual range, with the added bonus of Axie Infinity: Homeland starting its next pre-launch season this week. Established games fluctuate in their daily user count, based on NFT usage, reward seasons or other factors. Despite this, game adoption often depends on multiple engagement mechanisms such as daily challenges, quests, tournaments or prize calls. 

GamePrevious WeekCurrent
Alien Worlds232.09K222.63K
Farmers World86.56K86.47K
Sunflower Land12.99K12.71K
Axie Infinity11.12K9.01K

P2E Token Price Action

The market cap of all P2E tokens recovered to $4.6B, adding $600M in the past week as BTC moved closer to $31,000 and ETH returned close to $1,900. Niche game tokens are still risky, but gaming benefits from a more bullish crypto market.

Upcoming Mints, Airdrops, and Giveaways

NFT airdrops may lead to owning rare and valuable items, depending on the goals of each collection. However, it is important to avoid spam NFT and use new wallets for some of the mints. Mints not related to games continue to be popular, with more Web3 tools for detailed, real-time resale statistics. Data-driven NFT trading is taking off, based on collection popularity.

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