Sunflower Land: What’s the Next Rare Cosmetic Item

Sunflower Land aims to engage users and encourage them to upgrade farms and items in the long term.
  • Sunflower Land encourages users to hold NFT items for a long time to grab rare surprises.
  • The Golden Rooster will ensure endless wheat for chicken farmers.
  • The game added thousands of users since its open beta launch.

Sunflower Land is now an open game with no limit to participation. But there is one thing that remains from the older game – the regular introduction of rare items of cosmetic and utility value. This time, Sunflower Land introduced the Golden Egg, hatching a lucky Golden Rooster to keep on the farm. 

The Golden Rooster hatching followed the distribution of rare Golden Eggs. Sunflower Land has been known for bringing long-term value into NFT. For instance, the game has a Christmas Tree NFT, which has one airdrop per year each December 25. 

Golden Roosters are only hatched to players that obtained rare Golden Eggs and held them until now. This is one of the reasons Sunflower Land players tend to keep their cosmetic items instead of reselling them fast. 

The Golden Rooster will boost the farming of regular chickens, by unlocking unlimited wheat for feed. Farmers can then raise more chickens, for resale or crafting recipes.

The Golden Rooster arrives after one of the bigger additions to the game, fruit trees that can be harvested for processing and crafting. The goal is to give the game as many development loops as possible to grow engagement and different farming paths. 

Sunflower Land Grows by Thousands of New Accounts

A month after the launch of open beta, Sunflower Land now attracts 4.58K players per day, and is the 7th most active app on the Polygon blockchain. Players can now start for a fee of $5, the value of one Bumpkin. The NFT, which can be altered and upgraded, is also key to building and expanding the farm islands. 

After the expansion, Sunflower Land has 154,804 accounts, up from the initial limitation of 151,500 farms. There are 146,017 unique owners, and the game is in the process of removing those with multiple accounts. Most of the accounts remain unlisted, and the game relies on organic in-game swaps and trading. 

The Sunflower Land token (SFL) is still at $0.10 with limited selling pressure and trading just under $20,000 each day. Sunflower Land uses MATIC and wrapped USDC to start playing, but most of the SFL is used off-chain.

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