Sunflower Land Updates Game Economy with New 2023 Roadmap

Sunflower Land aims for a sustainable farming economy, discouraging resource hoarding that produces whales.
  • Sunflower Land is tweaking its system of rewards to burn more resources for quests or potions.
  • The game aims to adapt to a lowered MATIC market price and less active NFT trading.
  • Players can choose from various tasks tailored to both new farmers and those with large resource hoards.

Sunflower Land retained its spot as a top Polygon game, offering a sustainable economy where players reinvest their earnings. So far, Sunflower Land relied on constant new additions of rare NFT to keep players engaged. The game offered regular events with rare or exclusive items, as well as in-game and external trading opportunities. 

Now, Sunflower Land has released a new economic balance, overhauling the earnings and shopping ecosystem.

One of the main changes for Sunflower Land is that it will transform into a MMO game and include NPC quests. The quests will also be a sink for resources, to avoid the creation of hoarder whales and discourage external selling. 

Sunflower Land wants to remain game-first while offering an economic balance to boost game progress. For that reason, from July 10, Sunflower Land will halve SFL token production, while rebalancing the prices of some of the resources. 

Sunflower Land to Expand Auctions

Sunflower Land will also make use of its new Semi-Fungible Token standard. SFL are a series of tokens with repeatable features, which can be issued with any supply. The rarest ones going at auctions may have a supply of only two per season. 

One of the latest SFL auctions led to the burn of 200K SFL. Auctions with new SFL editions will happen several times per season, and will target both new players and those with a greater experience and resources.

At the same time, Sunflower Land partnered with OKX wallet, which will now display the game’s resources.

Sunflower Land still attracts more than 11K players per day, while starting to differentiate between farmers that just start out and those that have accrued resources. 

Instead of building “whales”, Sunflower Land offers new challenges for those experienced players. The Potions House requires a significant buildup of crops, minerals and other resources, and will open up new game opportunities by crafting a potion.

Sunflower Land will add mini-games and more special mints and burn events, while also pointing out its goal is not GameFi or aggressive NFT selling. All items will have utility in the game and be involved in a player-driven economy.

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