Synergy Land: New Game Entering Playable Demo Stage

Synergy Land built a verified Badge system with trading on the secondary market.
  • Synergy Land joined the boom of games and NFT projects on Solana.
  • Demo version available for PC download, NFT already live.
  • SNG token still with no trading, expected price discovery coming soon.

Synergy Land is one of the new additions to the Solana blockchain, following the trend of more games and NFT projects choosing this network. The game is in the process of fixing bugs during its recent live demo gameplay. 

Synergy Land has also been potentially affected by the Solana wallet exploit, advicing users to increase the security of their wallets. The game advices users to revoke automated permissions even for previously trusted apps, and only give permission manually to operate the wallet. 

Synergy Land Slowly Introduces Web3 Additions

For now, Synergy Land does not register interactions through smart contracts and exists as a downloadable PC demo. However, the game has already issued NFT items and in theory, can engage user wallets. 

In addition to playable character NFT, the game has built a verified badge system. Badges can also be resold on the secondary marketplace. Not all items are taken to OpenSea, instead having listings on marketplaces specific to Solana. 

Listings have a floor price of 4 SOL and so far around 290 SOL in value traded. 

The Synergy Land collection is starting to get represented on OpenSea, though so far with limited items and 9.7 SOL trading volume. The activity may pick up as the game gains popularity. The goal of Synergy Land is to offer various attractors, such as normal or hard playing levels. The game will offer quests and exploration for single players or up to four person teams.

The game tries to build up engagement, recently announcing a speedrun challenge on social media. The thread remains open for speed achievements. 

Synergy Land aims to offer a full experience similar to a Web2 game, though with in-game ownership. The demo launch and recent exposure is part of the trend for more and more already developed games to add a Web3 component. Synergy Land is another game that started with a built product and limited NFT, and is yet to distribute its token and achieve trading liquidity.

Synergy Land plans to issue a native token, SNG, though the asset is not listed and has no pricing information.

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